Booze-less for 30 DAYS!

Eliminate ‘not clear’ thinking and function from your root.
— Bruce Lee (from Tao of Jeet Kune Do)

Funny that I'm starting the 'Health' section of my blog with a topic like alcohol! I'm a pretty health conscious gal. I eat 5-6 times each day, I balance my macronutrients (if you're not sure what that means, let me know and I'll create a post about it), get plenty of clean protein and eat tons of veggies and healthy fats! I'm mostly vegan except I do eat seafood and Humane Certified eggs and yogurt. Good luck trying to give me a title! And I don't even consume much sugar that isn't found in fruits or vegetables (that means FRUCTOSE).

I do, however have about 1 glass of red wine most, but not all nights and then on the weekends 0-3 drinks total, usually wine, a margarita or a moscow mule.....(I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it).

I've also been consumed with my re-reading of "Tao of Jeet Kune Do," by JKD founder Bruce Lee, and have been putting many of his tenets in place. As I quoted the legend above, alcohol certainly adds to "not clear thinking and functioning," no matter how small the amount.

So I wanted to see exactly what happens to my body, my mood, my sleep habits, my creativity and daytime energy if I only change one thing:



 This is how I look at the end of the day.

*I always have random bruises on my legs. Work hazard.

*I always have random bruises on my legs. Work hazard.

  • I've decided to post a weekly photo to see if there are any changes in my appearance.
  • I will not change my workouts or activities.
  • I will not make any dietary changes, so that we may keep as many controls as possible during this little experiment.

We went to Pedaler's Fork in Calabasas for dinner, one of our regular wine-drinking spots, and I proudly ordered this yummy substitute:

I had two because it was so good!

I had two because it was so good!

Granted it's only been one night, but I feel like this won't be too difficult and I might actually really enjoy it!