Museum of Ice Cream!

Do you remember when you were six years old and the excitement that came from getting ice cream?! The colors opened you up to new worlds, the smell of the cones stimulated your appetite, the sprinkles brought joy and the whip cream was healing comfort! That's pretty much how it felt visiting the Museum of Ice Cream as an adult.

MLD - Ice Cream 1.jpg

My friend Amy and I thought we would abandon adulting for the day and drive to DTLA for some creamy, pastel joy.

Located in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, this converted building housed several galleries all dedicated to the celebration of ice cream! There were ice cream cones plastered to walls, giant popsicles melting from the ceilings, rows of gummy bears lining walls and the most interactive was a swimming pool of sprinkles! And of course, we ate a little ice cream. We tried McConnell's Dark Cherry, tiny cones with what looked like chocolate scoops, but were actually chocolate chip cookie dough with activated charcoal (for our 'healthy' ice cream option), gummy bears galore and my personal favorite "Ice Cream for Breakfast," which was creamy vanilla ice cream sandwhiched between two tiny pink pancakes. It was like if Christmas came early and changed it's color scheme to pink and white!

Check out the photos below and go see for yourself before summer comes to L.A. and melts the museum!