Booze-less Update: I Don't Want a Habitual Life


I'm sure you've all heard it before: that one glass of red wine each night is good for your heart. I can't speak for or against one's heart health, but I don't think alcohol is especially beneficial for much else. In the past year I've had a glass of wine half to most nights of the week. That's the extent of my drinking history. But having been BOOZE-LESS for 8 DAYS NOW, I feel a difference! The main reason I wanted to erase it all from my being for 30 days was to experience "clear function and thinking." Yep, Bruce Lee made me do it


  • Better quality sleep (even though I've slept less hours due to a busy schedule)
  • Better mental clarity first thing in the morning.
  • Better mental endurance throughout the day. I'm one of those folks who has so much she wants to do that she will fill her schedule from morning to night (why am I speaking in 3rd person?), and this past week I have been able to better live up to my planned schedule.
  • THE MOST INTERESTING ONE.....increased HONESTY with myself. "What does that even mean," you ask? Ask anyone who has had one conversation with me and they will tell you I'm a pretty optimistic person. Sometimes to a fault- to the point where I don't quite recognize the negative, because I'm too focused on the positive. Well I have been much more aware of some difficult and seemingly 'negative' issues and was therefore able to DEAL WITH THEM to come out stronger in the end. The only difference has been my alcohol consumption. So I'm going to attribute it to that. 
  • I think I am a little less puffy. AND my bruise is gone! But it's only been a week. Here's the documentation anyway...


Drinking alcohol isn't a "bad" thing, but it does help you numb out. And if you make a habit of it (well, if you make ANYTHING a habit), you are cheating yourself of some great opportunities to have authentic, real and life-changing experiences with yourself or other people. I don't want to have mindless habits. I want to live a clear and present life full of the good things that I am creating for myself!