Making Every Day An Adventure!

(Cheesy, I know.)

But if you've managed to get past the title, I know you're on board with me! So let's go.

Ever have those days when you wake up unbelievably excited about the possibilities of the day?! There's the interesting people you might meet, the brilliant solution you could come across, that perfect thing you'll create or the new-to-you place you'll explore! In all seriousness, this is exactly how I feel 98% of my mornings. 

(Cheese, anyone? I've got lots.)

It's true though! I have pretty high hopes for my days. And regardless, if you have this feeling  9% or 109% of the time, you may have had the experience that the days don't usually deliver as much adventure as you had hoped for. Awww Geee!!

(Hey, I did offer cheese. I wasn't kidding.)

For some years now I've taken that excitement and consciously tried to....



Adventure - 1.jpg

What is an Adventure? And what is an Adventure TO YOU? Now, Merriam Webster defines "adventure" in two ways: 

  1. an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks
  2. an exciting or remarkable experience

I'd like to add that an adventure lights you up and excites you. Now, I'm an actress and have always loved to play pretend. So what lights me up is science fiction, fantasy and anime. 


Adventure - 2.png

At the moment I'm 36 episodes deep into this anime a friend suggested I watch. It's called Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. These characters go around in search of the things their hearts desire most, such as creating new countries, learning magic, reconnecting with their homeland, saving whole cultures from being destroyed-whatever means the most to them, they go and do it! And they train and study and learn how to become the best and strongest versions of themselves that they can be in order to achieve their goals. Some of them even get the help of a Djinn (a genie) that imbues the user with it's own powers. It's. freaking. awesome! It lights me up! So I use this as inspiration for my adventure planning. You should find the way that best speaks to you. I'm very organized and goal-oriented, so every morning, I write in my Ink & Volt Planner what adventure I will take that day.


Adventure - 3.jpg

For instance at the top of the day on Wednesday I wrote: "Learn Magic"

Without going into too much explanation (in case you don't know Magi), one of the characters decides he wants to learn to use magic. He leaves his friends and comforts to go to this school in a far off land that specializes in teaching magic to those who qualify (a la Harry Potter). So that day I wanted to find the magic in everything I was involved in. Some examples from that day:

  1. With a student I ended up connecting with them on a deeper level to the point where I really wasn't thinking about how I was coming across at all. I was solely focused on them. 
  2. During a rehearsal for a stunt job I decided to learn a new trick. I pushed past my comfort zone, asked another stunt woman for help in learning this trick, and we worked on it for a little bit. I took the first, scariest step to learning it and got to know her better. 
  3. I also had a rehearsal for a scene I would soon be doing on stage. The magic I sought was to honor my character by letting myself be completely free of judgement. This 3 hour rehearsal ended up being nothing short of magical!

Looking back on my day I was able to say that I was excited for my day, risked some things, learned some things, deeply connected with people, and created something unique and real. Sounds like my kind of ADVENTURE!!!

(See? Puh-lenty of cheese!)

xo, Megs :)