My Dream of Riding a Dragon (or Never Abandon Your Dreams)

They used to say that if man was meant to fly, he’d have wings. But he did fly. He discovered he had to.
— James Kirk

I don't recall at what age I decided I wanted to ride on a dragon, but it was young. So young in fact, that I feel like I was born to do it. When anyone asks me what about my hopes and dreams, that one consistently comes to mind first. But I don't always say it. It usually gets the brush-off sort of laugh from people, but it is, at my core, the thing I want most. It often brings me to tears.

I imagine the bond of love and trust between a rider and her dragon. Love; because these two lives are about to share a moment never before experienced and Trust; because, well duh, y'all are about to take a huge physical risk!

I imagine the immense power of my dragon juxtaposed with the light, breezy air streaming past us. That feeling of force and surrender simultaneously. 

I imagine the freedom and possibility for anything to happen.

That's why I'll always want to ride on a dragon.  On one hand, I understand how it may be perceived as ridiculous, but that doesn't matter to me, because haven't people said that about all kinds of dreams? On the other hand, I do realize how difficult it may be to achieve.

But what my jaded, adult brain realized in writing this post, is that maybe ACCOMPLISHING this dream isn't what matters most. What matters most is the excitement I get from dreaming it and what this dream represents for me. This dream reminds me how much I want every single day to experience love and trust through exploration. It inspires me to train for power, but not lose the joy and lightness of surrender. It humbles me to appreciate the freedom I have and the solace in knowing that anything can happen. 

I think it's a good dream. And that's why I think you should never abandon your dreams. 

xo, Megs