"Shall I begin?" What I learned from GOT last night got me pumped!

My immediate response to the Season 7 Premiere of Game of Thrones was, "The women are owning GOT!" And they are owning it in their own, individual Wonder Woman ways.

We've got Arya Stark who opened the show with the "impossible" act of enacting her revenge from the Red Wedding Massacre. Her skills she honed in assassin school and following her gut, despite the odds and her fears have taken her further than I ever imagined this little one would go.

There's Sansa Stark who has spent 6 seasons vacillating between a Machiavellian character and just sort of vague. But we see her begin to emerge as more cunning due to a powerful influence by not her father, nor Littlefinger, but by another woman Cersei.

Which brings me to Cersei Lannister, Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, (which Jaime quickly corrects - Three Kindgoms) versus my personal Queen Crush, Daenerys Targaryen, in a battle of the Queens for the Iron Throne. 

Now, I'm not here to recap or review GOT - there are plenty of better sources for that. But I do want to say that each of these women have undergone a certain HEROINE'S JOURNEY (for more on this read the incredible The Heroine's Journey by Maureen Murdock). In Chinese philosophy they have represented K'un - the purely female attributes that occur in nature; receptive, absorbing, resilient, dark, and nurturing earth power. (For more on this, read A Guide to the I Ching by Carol Anthony). By now, if you're not familiar with either source's vocabulary, you're probably like, "I'm done reading this." Give me five more minutes to put it in my own words so I can share my excitement with you:

I think women's COMING OF AGE story generally happens in their 30's. It's the height of our sexual maturity, we've been given some time to be out of the house long enough to question the roles society has placed on us and we have been on the HERO'S JOURNEY (Ya know, the one Luke takes in A New Hope - the one boys generally take around the age of 16 and suddenly think they are now MEN), returned home and found ourselves saying, "But that's not fulfilling enough for me. There's gotta be more than that." I'm saying it's a deeper journey that women must go on to fully embrace their feminine nature that society has labeled as weak and useless AND their masculine nature that is generally more revered and notable. And like a Planeteer, 'with these powers combined,' they find their authentic selves and can truly come to power. 

Seeing these four very different women culminate into their own authentic selves and exhibit power (either for good or bad) was exhilarating for me as a women in her 30's coming of age. 

It reminded me that sometimes faster isn't always better, that silence can be powerful, that inner independence is NECESSARY to allow others space to become their true selves and that true leadership is not standing out in front or on top. We support from beneath, through patience, inner firmness about what is right, and inner independence. With these thoughts in mind, we are getting better everyday and each day is a new beginning with more lessons and experiences under our belt. So on this Monday, in Khaleesi's words, "SHALL WE BEGIN?"

I tried to be efficient and short in my words, but this is a huge topic of discussion for me. I've turned COMMENTS ON for this post, because I want to be able to answer any questions (from my perspective of course) or debate other points of view, because this topic interests me and I want to hear what you may have to say about it. 

Thanks for reading, go watch Game of Thrones every Sunday and put these books on your reading list:

The Heroine's Journey by Maureen Murdock

A Guide to the I Ching by Carol K. Anthony

Have fun as you #findyourway!