Kick off 2018 with a THEME!

I don't know about you, but I am a TO-DO LIST maker, a GOAL setter, and an ACTION PLAN maker. This is certainly a strength (thank you), but it can also be a curse if I don't balance it with two other things: 1) taking action and 2) reflecting. 

For 2017 I set a theme for my year. This theme was "HERE I AM." In the past I have been unsure of myself, comparing my strengths and weaknesses to others in order to realize where I fit in. But this never got me anywhere except feeling like I was less-than. So my goal was to accept and embrace me only compared to me from the past and in pursuit of the me I want to be. It allowed me to show up in the world more without fear of judgement and without apology. My theme came out of this this goal. 

"HERE I AM" reminded me on a daily basis of my grand intention of accepting all parts of myself which helped me to take action everyday to accomplish my ancillary goals. At the end of the year I asked myself if I had a better sense of these words: HERE I AM and it had morphed into a statement of ownership instead of a statement of hope. I even realized I ended up achieving most of those ancillary goals for the year using this theme every single day (I even had the tattoo with those words designed and ready to go, but then I got pregnant....I digress). 

A theme is a reminder of how you want to be, how you'd like to approach challenges and how you want to feel as you put this kind of energy behind accomplishing your goals. It will help you simplify, stay on track and not get overwhelmed. It will help you to move forward in times when you don't know which way to go and to look back and reflect on how far you've come instead of looking ahead to see how much further you still need to travel.


I don't think you pick your theme, rather the theme picks you. Brainstorm your ideas on paper, imagine the way you'd like to see your year unfold-and be sure to include all aspects of your life; career, relationships, spirituality, health, things you'd like to learn, experience, etc. Just write it all down and create the most exciting year for yourself! Now what do you need to do or how do you need to be in order to achieve these things? Give this time. It might take a couple of days for the answers to show themselves, but because it came from your truth, the answer is there waiting for you to discover it. Your gut will always lead you to the answer.

You have all my respect and support!

xo, Megs

Photography credit: Franz Steiner 

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