Hello #MomBod!

Before, during and after my pregnancy some well-meaning folks showing their support have said, "You're fit. You'll bounce right back!" Or "You'll go right back to the way you were before." But with all due respect, I have no interest in going back to that. I've never really wanted to go backwards in life and I don't plan on starting now. My body has been the site of a miracle and it fairly quickly became a very different body. So I'm interested in that. I'm interested in discovering my new #MomBod!

I've earned my place in the ranks of the #MomBods and I'm proud of it! Whereas the #DadBod trend laughed with and praised men for being sloppy, gross and letting themselves go, the #MomBod is about celebrating the beautiful bodies that undergo an incredible transformation in order to continue the human race-and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. 

In all fairness, I am a female raised on Planet Earth and that usually comes with a social conditioning that values the female form in pretty much the exact opposite way that #MomBod does. I am not claiming to have already shed this conditioning, but I AM DECLARING THAT I WANT TO CHANGE THE CULTURE around the value of a woman's body. And that starts with the way I talk about myself and support other women. 

So let's do that! We don't have to wait for the media or the boys to tell us we can start loving our bodies. We can value our bodies for all kinds of different reasons and we can start doing it now.


So here's what I value and will start to value more about my #MomBod:

-It's ability to work hard!

-The fact that it can provide my daughter with the most perfect food for her to be healthy.

-The fact that I am so connected to my body and I use it to express myself in my art.

-My nails that keep growing even though I've bit them since I was a child.

-My instincts and intuition are more clear and that starts with my body.

-It has a functioning feedback loop that tells me when I've eaten way too many pancakes. Usually that's anything over 4 large ones.

-My legs because they are long.

-How it moves gracefully and allows me to appear powerful even on days that I don't feel graceful or powerful. 

How do you value your #MomBod?

Train hard. Love harder,