She Made Me A Mother

Six weeks ago, when my daughter Gemma Quinn Le was born, one thing became abruptly true: I went from feeling like a girl to being a mother. Yes this may be obvious, but what that really means to me requires some explanation.  My biggest struggle in adulthood has been trying to overcome this long-engrained belief that "I AM NOT ENOUGH." Even far into my early thirties I have felt like a girl trying to fill up, trying to find my best way to be more, always trying to be enough and usually feeling like I fall short. I have felt like a prisoner trying to earn her freedom. Now, I have realized that motherhood can be my door to freedom. It can mean: You. Are. Enough. Period.  It can mean that you are who you are and you know all you know and you have earned enough that it is now your duty to SHARE IT. Stop trying to fill up and instead start giving it over. Give over your care, your passion, your love of life, your true self. Share it with your child, your partner, your family, friends, everyone you’ve ever heard of and everyone you will one day meet. It is your job as a mother to share all you have gained in these years you’ve spent trying to become. Because you didn’t know it until this moment; but You. Are. Enough.

Train hard. Love harder,


Photography by Rebecca Coursey. View her incredible work on her Instagram or  WEBSITE.