Her Storybook Nursery

One thing I've rarely put out in the world is the fact that I love crafting, themed parties and decorating! So when it came time to create a nursery for our first child all my creative buttons were pushed! We planned on leaving the gender of our little one to be a surprise until the day he/she was born. This was very exciting and I would do it the exact same way if and when we have another one. For me, all the fantasizing, life planning, dream building of just having a child was a lot and not knowing the gender allowed me to keep my mind more open to possibilities instead of being limited by gender norms that I have because I am a product of my world. And let's face it-even if we are trying to be as equal as possible, socialized and preconceived ideas of how males and females should be are already in us. Unless of course you are Enlightened, in which case, congratulations. That's so cool! I digress....

One thing I did want to pass on to my little one is my love of books. So we agreed on the theme: Storybook Adventure! How can you go wrong with teaching your kid to lean into their imagination and sense of adventure? I also wanted to include personal elements of our family that have meaning so we may entertain our baby with stories from our own lives! So, may I indulge you with a little trip around our DAUGHTER'S first bedroom?

The room was originally our office which was already a calming green color. We decided green is gender neutral and calming is good since we do plan on getting SOME sleep in the next 18 years. My husband freshened up the paint and crown molding and got rid of the chandelier in the middle and replaced it with recessed lights. He's so handy. xo

Oh yeah, and Mabel helped…

Oh yeah, and Mabel helped…


I decided to use a color palette based on the pictures from one of my childhood favorites, Beatrix Potter's "Tales of Peter Rabbit." I would describe them as muted pastels.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 12.09.22 PM.png

I didn't want to limit the room to only one storybook. I also didn't want to be too on the nose and have Winnie the Pooh sheets or commercial Peter Pan wall stickers (no judgement) I was more interested in creating a handmade, nuanced space that suggested adventure and imagination and a cozy place to read and dream. A place where she might get familiar with these characters and then find them in books that we share. Once I managed to get off Pinterest and take action, everything got real exciting! Here are how the main 3 walls turned out:


The main focus of the room is her white crib in front of a wall mural of a summer time tree.

At the base of the tree is a wooden ladder (bought at Michael's) to suggest climbing up into that tree. I remember always wanting a tree house, but instead would find comfort sitting under the tree with a book. The wall mural is actually a customizable sticker that came in pieces and we put it together based on our own design preferences. 


I handmade the mobile over her crib. Babies only see contrast in the beginning so I thought the shadows of Wendy, John, Michael, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan amongst a cloud would be fitting. I used a sewing ring, fishing line and felt pieces. It subtly moves on it's own and she is fascinated by it. 

We have a little health and wellness table complete with a letter board of healthy reminders (right now more for mommy, daddy and nanny) and an essential oils diffuser on top. Underneath is a sound machine and humidifier not worth picturing.


I was excited about these classic, decorative books that my friends used for our baby shower of the same theme. I used them as decoration for now under the Winnie the Pooh "hunny pots" that I made with good 'ol terra cotta pots and acrylic paint.


I'll also add that this rocker was THE rocker I said I would never get. To me it looked like something I would find at a grandma's house circa 1982. But it was by far the most comfortable of all the rockers we rocked in. So comfort won out over aesthetic, but it ended up looking great! Note to self: remain open-minded. 


My husband helped me make this awesome book lamp. I purchased some "vintage looking" books from a vintage book store and this lamp from Ikea. After I decided on the order of books he drilled a hole through the middle of all of them (this did make my heart cringe), disassembled the lamp and we stacked the books onto the lamp post. Tah da!


Of course we needed some sort of bookshelf for our book inspired nursery. I thought this route was modern and took up less space-and she doesn't have that many books to warrant another piece of furniture....YET. If you look closely you'll see a tiny mouse hole decal. It reminded me of "The Borrowers" by Mary Norton.


My favorite corner of the room consists of these dreamy clouds surrounded by paper cranes. These cranes were among the 1,000 folded cranes we used as a backdrop for our wedding. We wanted to incorporate this memory into her bedroom so this worked perfectly! The clouds I made from three Chinese lanterns. I hot glued strands of tiny LED lights and Polyfill to the outside and my husband hung them from the ceiling with fishing line and tiny hooks. The one electrical cable powers the light strands and is plugged into the attic through the ceiling. The outlet is controlled by remote and serves as a night light. It makes my heart melt every time we turn on it’s light.


Above her changing table is a collage of items are near and dear to my heart. The clock on the wall reminded me of the ticking clock the crocodile swallows in Peter Pan, which always made me tense in fun anticipation of that dang croc! The whale tale hook-Moby Dick. The feather hook-Tiger Lily. My grandmother made this adorable shirt for her and since it's still too big I thought it perfect for this wall collage. I bought the Peter Rabbit print from an awesome seller on etsy. I wanted to paint it myself, but I was being a bit too ambitious. And this quote from "The Velveteen Rabbit" captures my love for authenticity perfectly.


This hanging shelf is absolutely NOT childproof, along with the glass bottles of “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust” on the top shelf. But we have a bit before she starts walking. My husband made this shelf per my request because again it reminded me of a treehouse. I threw some labels on these bottles of "potions" and the strand of books was also from the baby shower. It says "BABY LE." (Our last name is Le.) I cut out pictures from Alice in Wonderland to glue onto these classic building blocks. She was born in the year of the dog (according to the Chinese Zodiac). And the piggy bank (doggie bank) from Cost Plus World Market came with an accompanying book that told the tale of the zodiac character.


Lastly, these adorable Scandinavian wall hooks for jackets and bags were from a seller on Etsy and again saved space and I thought went with the wooden, playful theme of the room. The wooden board above it says, "I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen." A sweet quote by A.A. Milne from "Winnie the Pooh" tied the whole theme together. I bought the wooden board from Michael's and hand painted it with pink acrylic paint.

I had such a blast creating this space for best little creation and all the time and details were so worth it, because I love stepping into this room every single time. I'm also glad that 7 months later I finally made time to create this post. Thanks for checking it out! If you have any questions about details or products, ask away!

Train hard. Love harder,