When I first became pregnant, my biggest unanswered question was, "If a baby only weighs 7.5 pounds on average, where does the rest of the weight go?"

I've been using an awesome app called "The Bump" that offers great guidance and information and answers questions throughout an entire pregnancy. It's really quite fun! I wanted to share the information from an article they posted that answered my exact question: "Where does all the pregnancy weight go?"

I'll preface this by saying that EVERY WOMAN is different and EVERY PREGNANCY is different, so this is by no means the "RIGHT WAY." It's a generalization meant to give you an idea of the likely ratio of weight distribution across a female's pregnant body and to inform you of all the good, amazing work her body is doing to nurture this little life. 

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends gaining 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. And here's where it all goes:

1.5 pounds: the placenta

7 pounds: maternal stores of fat, protein, and other nutrients

7.5 pounds: your average full-term baby

2 pounds: breast tissue 

4 pounds: increased fluid volume

4 pounds: increased blood volume

2 pounds: the uterus

2 pounds: amniotic fluid

Total = 30 pounds

At 30 weeks pregnant I have gained 26 pounds, so I'm very interested to see how the rest of this third trimester goes! Bring on the protein, veggies and healthy fats!

Train hard. Play nice!